Da Vincis World: Engineering an Empire Video Analysis Essay Paper

Da VincisWorld: Engineering an Empire series lay a platform that focuses on various civilizations through history and culture. The movie assesses the achievement of those civilizations attempt to develop buildings, structures, and machines that would aid in revolutionizing their empires. This paper addresses the content of the video and its importance in understanding how these ancient cultures developed.

The content of the video

“Da Vincis World” was as a result of the renaissance of the ancient past about Italy. The historical channel started when an overwhelming concerned number of individuals felt the urge to quench their curiosity with knowledge of the dark ages. It was a delight to have petered Weller as an actor who also happened to be the host in the” Engineering an Empire “. Weller holds a doctorate in Roman and revitalization art from Syracuse University, where he is a subordinate Professor and offers occasional courses. Weller’s dramatic enthusiasm chronologically captures these ancient arts and accomplishments inventions thereby raising the interest level of Engineering an Empire. Also having Robo cop as the narrator makes the documentary interesting for informative and intellectual purposes.

Past events of Italy

This video provides a brief illustration of the past events of Italy at the beginning of the re-birth; to Rome and Florence from Siena. Regardless of their self-difficulties, most of the Roman Empires great engineering success was brought in during Caesar’s regime. The incoming Empires endured the custom where Trajan constructed the Forum; Vespasian constructed the Coliseum that revealed a large number of audiences, and Hadrian designed and built the Pantheon. The unfolded baths of Caracalla, which are more of a recreation center serving as a theater monument for most shows. There is also the mention of the great Renaissance man, Lorenzo Brunelleschi, famous for the building of the dome on top of Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral in Florence. He explored his capabilities in the field of physics, architect, mathematics, and arts altogether to have the dome built. These among others are highlights of several engineering infrastructures and architectural accomplishments that never appeared on records of physics or fine arts in ancient engineering.

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Importance of the video

This series has led to evolution and development of current government, warfare, mechanization, conversations, regulations, commonwealth, skills, denominations, buildings and constructions as observed in the Ancient Roman society and other societies. Through Ancient technology achievements in engineering and architect have been advanced while others remain in their original design for continued use by the society. These improvements have stimulated societies to turn to new cultures and governance for example after conquering Greece the Romans took with them most Greek artists, their arts, and sculptures. These sculptures addressed topics such as gods and goddesses which influenced the Roman society greatly.

The video has showcased some ways in which the engineering feats are useful to date. In the Roman civilization, the outlined inventions; monumental arches such as dome, public baths, Colosseum, aqueducts for water conveyance, bridges e.g. Ponte Rotto to ease movement, roads, has promoted and led to the expansion of the economy for over a thousand of years.


“Engineering an Empire” in conjunction to its narrator Robo cop and actor Peter Weller remarkably documents on the Engineering and architectural achievements during the regimes of the different empires. Aside from highlighting the feats, it informs on the great minds and architects behind the success. It also examines the importance and performance of the withstanding buildings, structures, and machines engineered in the past. This video footage therefore not only satisfies educational and entertainment goals but also serves as an appreciation of the untold ancient heroes.

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