Immigrants: The Future of North Carolina Paper

The topic of immigration is a very emotive issue in the U.S.The immigrants in general, have contributed to the economy of the United States of America in many respects. For example, some of the immigrants come to invest in the country and help in creating job opportunities for both locals and foreigners. Others bring with them the skills and experience needed in local industries.  However, Congress is yet to make laws that address immigration issues unequivocally and as a result, individual states have opted to deal with this matter by themselves. This paper will use the state of North Carolina as an example and will dive into issues that bedevil immigrants in this state. It will also look at the impact the immigrants have on the economy of North Carolina and later make recommendations on this matter.

The economy of North Carolina

For the last two decades, the immigrants have helped to improve the economy of North Carolina. For example, cities with a high population of immigrants record low poverty and unemployment levels. Besides, the influx flow of immigrants into North Carolina has helped to subvert the small population in the rural settlements. Immigrants constitute a high percentage of entrepreneurs in North Carolina. Immigrants own Major motels, retail shops, and food services. However, there are some of the legislations that threaten the future of immigrants in North Carolina and tend to scare away foreign investors. For instance, in the year 2015, the governor of North Carolina assented to House Bill 318 (H.B. 318) bill into law. This law destroys trust among immigrant communities and could have a negative effect on the economy of North Carolina. The legislation (H.B. 318), prevents the police department to use matricula consular cards given by the Mexican Consulate as an identification card among the immigrants. Instead, the law uses E-verification method which does not capture immigrants. This legislation has disadvantages in two folds. One, an immigrant cannot report to the authorities in the event of a crime, since, he or she is deemed to be illegally in the country. Two, in case a local has been offended by an immigrant, the police, and other criminal departments have no jurisdiction to prosecute. Therefore, it is clear that the legislation does not serve the interest of the people it purports to protect.

Appropriate Environment for Investment

Nevertheless, it is imperative for North Carolina community to embrace immigrants by providing them with an appropriate environment for investment. Firstly, businesses owned by immigrants should be integrated into the local market. Secondly, there should be minimal red tape involved when immigrants want to startup businesses. Also, the immigrant entrepreneurs should be allowed to access credit facilities with ease from financial institutions. Lastly, there should be a paradigm in policies that allow immigrants to get crucial documents such as driving and professional licenses. These important papers will help them to capitalize on their skills and, hence, increase productivity.


In conclusion, it is incumbent upon the state of North Carolina to formulate legislation that attracts immigrants, appreciates their economic power, and enhances trust among community members. Laws such as H.B. 318 adversely affect the efforts of creating cohesion and integration between the local community and the immigrants. The Governor of North Carolina should veto any bill such as H.B. 318 that tries to discriminate against immigrants. Finally, the North Carolina legislators should review this law with uttermost sobriety and make amendments to clauses that hinder existence of immigrants in North Carolina State.

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