Moral dimension That Liberals Value Most than The Conservatives

The moral foundation theory,  expound on the difference and the genesis of human moral thinking based on six grounds which according to Jonathan Haidt, a social psychologist are; fairness, care, liberty, sanctity, loyalty, and authority. The theory concentrated on the cultural aspect of human behavior but later on, it focused on principles and beliefs that governed political parties, both conservative and liberal parties. According to Haidt, conservatives concentrate on all the six foundations while on the other hand, liberals are majorly inclined to; liberty and fairness. This paper will focus on the dimension of liberty which is one of the aspects that liberals are passionate about than the conservatives.


Liberals believe that everyone is at liberty to choose what she/he wants and has the latitude to exercise his/her rights as a human being. To illuminate on the aspect of liberty, this paper will use a couple of examples which shows explicitly how the liberals propagate this agenda. For instance, on the issue of abortion, the liberals are of the idea that, women are entitled to the rights of abortion and the government should ensure that women are given abortion services which are cost-effective, safe and legally approved. According to them, life does not commence on conception hence a fetus should not be given human rights.

Life Starts With Conception

On the contrary, conservatives believe that life starts with conception then abortion is tantamount to murder. In addition, the liberals advocate for euthanasia which is; terminating the life of an ailing person through a physician. Liberals argue that by legalizing euthanasia, cost of health care would reduce significantly since the funds would be utilized fully in assisting individuals who need the funds most. On the other hand, conservatives believe that it is morally incorrect for one to end another individual’s life on the pretext of easing their pain. The conservatives further argue that the introduction of euthanasia would lead to insurance institutions coercing the doctors to end the lives of patients in a bid to save treatment cost.

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Lastly, liberals advocate for same-sex marriage. According to them, every citizen has the right to marry a partner of his/her preference regardless of sex. This notion is vehemently opposed by the conservatives who feel that marriage is only meant for a male and a female. Hence, it is evident from the above examples that liberals focus more on matters about liberty than their counterparts in the conservative party.

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