The American History Essay Paper: How It All Started

There has been a raft of discourse surrounding the beginning of American history. Some scholars argue that it began when Christopher Columbus arrived in the year 1492 while others hold that it started in the 1600s in the wake of the American frontier. In recent past, learning institutions such as universities and colleges backdate its beginning from the prehistoric period of the native inhabitants.

The Thirteen Colonies

Prior to the arrival of the European colonists, the native of America had lived there for a couple of centuries. The current U.S.A was initially made up of thirteen colonies that were under Great Britain. The citizens of these colonies began to feel oppressed by the taxes that were forcefully imposed to them by their masters, the British. This led to a revolution in the 1760s which was later government counteracted by punitive legislation in Massachusetts aimed at ending self-governance. In 1774, all the colonies met in a Continental Congress where they formed an association which gave birth to new constitutions. In the year 1776, the United States of America gained its independence and became a free nation.

Recognizing the United States of America as a Nation

Later on, George Washington in concert with French military won the revolutionary war which led to the signing of 1783 peace treaty. According to the treaty, Great Britain was to recognize the United States of America as a nation and also, it had to relinquish the land which was to the east of river Mississippi. In 1789, a new constitution written by the Congress was adopted and later in 1791 Bill of Rights was included in it. In the same year, 1791, George Washington became the first president of United States of America with Alexander Hamilton being his chief adviser.

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In conclusion, it is clear that theĀ United States of America has made positive strides in matters politics and human rights since its independence. Therefore, a historical lesson is learned that when people unite for a common cause just as in the case of the citizenry of the British colonies which united to abolish colonial rule and oppressive legislations in the United States, much can be achieved regardless of the challenges.

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